“Wait…is there a difference in pawning and selling?” Yes, yes there is!


As you might have seen on the popular pawn shop shows on TV this question is posed to the customer…”are you trying to sell this item or get a loan (aka “pawn”). When you sell your item, you wish to part with it. When you pawn an item,  you are getting a loan. Whether that item is a piece of jewelry, electronic, musical instrument or power tool, your item is held as collateral and you can get it back once your loan is paid in full. Easy and efficient! You bring in your item, get cash, pay it back, get your item back, and you can do it as often as needed.


“Will I get the same amount of money?”


Yes, you can get the same amount. You will not get more money for selling versus pawning your item. However, we encourage you to only get a loan for the amount you need at the time so that your payback amount (and interest charges) is not as high. If your item is worth over $1,000 but you only need $100, just get what you need.


“Do I need good credit”?”


Not at all! You pay the same interest rate across the board no matter if you have rocky credit, no credit, or perfect credit. Your item’s value carries the weight of the loan and not your credit.


“What do I need to complete the transaction?”


We just need your government issued ID and your thumbprint to complete the pawn/loan and you are good to go. The process is quick and easy and you walk away with the cash you need!



“What if I can’t pay back my loan?”

Not to worry, we have options for you. You can arrange to make an extension payment which is only the interest charges or you can choose to forgo the payback all together and not return to retrieve your item. We will work with you to matter your circumstance.


“What if I forget to pay?”


We understand that life is so busy and all of us have tons going on, that it why we will send a text reminder for you to know when your pawn is coming due.


What other questions do you have about the pawn industry? Please submit your questions or topics you would like me to cover and I will be happy to help!