Gold We Take

At Oaks Pawn, there is no bad gold. We will take tarnished gold, broken, scratched, old, dirty… You get the picture! We’ll even take gold fillings and teeth. If you have gold you are wanting to part with, we buy it! There is no gold that we turn away and regardless of the condition of the gold, we will offer top dollar for it.

How To Sell Gold

The process of selling gold is a quick process and within a few minutes, you’ll be walking out the door with cash! There are no appointments needed, and all you have to do is walk-in and one of our jewelry experts will be happy to help appraise your gold. We work with gold buying on a daily basis and have mastered the art of gold buying to give you a hassle-free experience.

Why Oaks Pawn

Oaks Pawn has been buying gold for over 30 years and is staffed with GIA certified jewelers who have the experience and education in gold buying. We also are competitive with our pricing and offer the most for gold in Gainesville, FL. With our trusted reputation and experience in our community, we are providing Gainesville with the best gold buying experience and guaranteeing everyone who comes into Oaks Jewelry walks out with the best offer possible for their unwanted gold.

Why Sell Your Gold

  • It is beyond repair or unusable: Let’s face it, that one hoop earring is not going to ever get worn again, that broken rope chain has been repaired too many times, and that bent ring with the missing stones is beyond repair.
  • It is out of style or has bad memories: Do you really wear that old class ring? I just recently cashed in on my class ring and even though it was only 10K gold, I got a pocket full of cash and went on my merry way. Are you holding onto an old wedding band or engagement ring? Let go of the past and move forward to your future with money to make new memories.
  • It’s super easy: Just bring in a bag full of whatever you have, even if you are unsure if it’s real gold or not. Our staff knows how to test every kind of metal to determine the value. We do all the work. Once we make an offer and you accept, the paperwork usually takes less than 10 minutes.


  • We don’t know how long these amazing prices will last!: Gold prices fluctuate and while it can be at a 5 year high today, that might not last forever and might not be seen again for a long time. It’s better to get rid of your unwanted gold today instead of sitting on it for another 5+ years. The gold spot price or price of gold per ounce and gram can be found on


  • Opportunity to buy something new: If jewelry is where your heart is but you’re not 100% in love with the pieces you have, take advantage of the high gold price and use your cash value towards a piece that is all you. Not only will you get top prices for your gold, but you will also get an amazing deal on any jewelry item in our store!