Gold bars sold to Oaks Pawn for Gold Buying in Gainesville, FL

The gold spot price or price of gold per ounce and gram can be found on Check out the site by clicking here (insert link). It is at a record high for the last five years. This is THE time to sell your gold. The condition of the jewelry doesn’t matter in the slightest. Gold is gold my friends and you don’t want to wait to cash in. The broken gold jewelry, gold coins, silver coins, sterling silver jewelry, class rings and all the things of that sort are probably worth more than you think. Just bring in the whole lot of your unwanted gold, yes, that even means that gold filling from your dentist visit years ago. This gold sitting around is the ticket to a summer vacation, paying off your credit card, concert tickets, house remodeling projects, and whatever else is on your to-do list.

Here are a few reasons to sell your gold:

  • It is beyond repair or unusable: Let’s face it, that one hoop earring is not going to ever get worn again, that broken rope chain has been repaired too many times, and that bent ring with the missing stones is beyond repair.
  • It is out of style or has bad memories: Do you really wear that old class ring? I just recently cashed in on my class ring and even though it was only 10K gold, I got a pocket full of cash and went on my merry way. Are you holding onto an old wedding band or engagement ring? Let go of the past and move forward to your future with money to make new memories.


  • It’s super easy: Just bring in a bag full of whatever you have, even if you are unsure if it’s real gold or not. Our staff knows how to test every kind of metal to determine the value. We do all the work. Once we make an offer and you accept, the paperwork usually takes less than 10 minutes.


  • We don’t know how long these amazing prices will last!


  • Opportunity to buy something new: If jewelry is where your heart is but you’re not 100% in love with the pieces you have, take advantage of the high gold price and use your cash value towards a piece that is all you. Not only will you get top prices for your gold, you will get an amazing deal on any jewelry item in our store!


When you start rummaging through your jewelry box, here are other things to be on the look out for that have cash value. A vintage watch or pocket watch, these can have a case made of gold. We can examine the watch to tell you what the gold content is. Most vintage watches are very difficult and expense to repair so if it does not hold a sentimental value to you, bring it in!

Silver bars or coins are often overlooked because they are not “gold”. We will look at all your silver items and are interested in purchasing those too. Even some old buffalo nickels, dimes, quarters, silver dollars etc have silver content and are worth more than their face value. Bring them in and we will give you all the details.

I mentioned gold fillings from dental work. Don’t be embarrassed to bring these in…even if the tooth is still intact. We have dentist clients all the time and are used to handling such items. They have gold value and you probably don’t want them just laying around your house anyway.

Come by soon with your pieces to sell! We look forward to seeing you!