This is a type of transaction that happens quite a bit at pawn shops. You bring in your old computer to sell and get a “new” one. Whether you want a different type or a newer model, this is the way to go. This works with jewelry too. Bring in your old broken jewelry items (whether gold, platinum or silver) and trade towards something else that will refresh your jewelry wardrobe. You can do apply this same system to anything you see. Your small TV for a bigger one, your push lawn mower for a riding one, your Michael Kors handbag for a Louis Vuitton, your rifle for a revolver handgun and so on. What do you want to “trade up”?

What’s your best price?


Only at a pawn shop can you ask this question. It’s refreshing in today’s world to get a good deal on a quality item. Not only are a prices amazing but if we can do better on the price, we will! Not many stores can or will offer such a promise!


Recently I saw a photo of a designer handbag on our Instagram. It was a Louis Vuitton cross body clutch purse that had me drooling. Later that evening I started to go through my jewelry box and my own bag collection to see what I could trade in to get that fabulous bag from earlier. I had a few pairs of gold earrings that I never wear, a Brahmin bag with the tags still on it that was a birthday gift that just isn’t my style and my hubby’s designer watch that we upgraded many months ago. I figured I would take all the items in and see what we could make happen. You would be surprised at how much you get for your “trade ins”. Just bring it all in a see what kind of sweet deal we can work up for you on any item in the store! This really is the trick of the trade! ;o)



You see the item you’ve been waiting for in our showroom. You’ve been hunting for ages for this computer, handgun, watch, game system etc and you just know that if you wait until next payday that beauty will NOT be there. What should you do? Layaway!!! We will hold your item for you with a small deposit and you can either pay on it over time or just pay off the whole total when you have the fund available. We are flexible and will work with you! Also, there is NO fee with our layaway plan. No hidden fees or interest. It’s a win win situation!

I hope these tips have helped you widen your view of possibilities of our pawn shop. Please reach out with any questions and we would love to assist. Also one last parting tip, check out our generous return policy here <insert link>. You will love to shop at Oaks Pawn!