#1: You cut out the middle man


What middle man you may ask? Well in the retail world there are wholesalers that sell their goods to retail stores. To make money (and ultimately stay in business) retailers have to mark up the items. When you buy used, you cut out paying both the wholesaler and the retailer. So “cutting out the middle man” actually translates to saving money. Of course, pawn shops and resale shops have to make a bit of a profit too but the margins are quite different and much lower. Plus you can usually negotiate with a preowned dealer whereas retailers usually stick to the sticker price.

#2: There’s less depreciation


This probably makes sense when talking cars but it also pertains to the jewelry market as well. Buying a new pair of earrings or a new ring you are purchasing the “new” label and are paying a lot more than just for the gold/diamond/gemstone value. If you want an example, look at the retail price of anything (jewelry, clothes, car) and then check the same item on eBay, you will notice quite a difference. How much does that “new” mean to you?

#3: Items are Tried and True


When you buy a shirt from a vintage clothing store or consignment shop you can look at the item and assume that it has been worn and washed prior. If the shirt still looks in good condition and has held its shape you can rest assured of the quality. This also applies to jewelry and tools. If the item has stood the test of time you are not only getting a stellar deal buying it used but are also saving money by not buying something “new” that may not hold up.

#4: You save money


This is the ultimate reason to buy used! This principle is the underlining argument in all the other points listed above. If you find a store that you trust, like Oaks Pawn, you can know that you are saving money by buying preowned.

#5: It’s good for our planet

I read this once and it really resonated with me. In a world where there is so much stuff and so much more stuff being manufactured, why not opt to buy something that has already been made and teach our younger generations how to recycle, upcycle, repurpose, reuse, and be “greener” on our precious Earth.

#6: It supports local commerce


Let’s face it, Amazon is slowing taking over everything. While I do love and appreciate the convenience of Amazon shopping, I also want to support local small businesses that are creating jobs in our local community. When you buy from a place like Oaks Pawn, you are doing business face to face with someone from your community that will usually become a trusted friend. You are ultimately supporting families. Also, Oaks Pawn is an organization that gives back to many local non-profits in our area.