Happy Friday Friends! This week I want to not only highlight our High Springs store and their stellar team lead by manager Jayson Williams, but also answer a few FAQs about our handgun/weapons pawning and selling.

Our High Springs store in located at 18522 US-441 Suit 20 in historic High Springs, Florida. It is open from Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 5:30pm. In this unique location of Oaks Pawn you will find an eclectic mix of unique jewelry, power tools, handguns, rifles, crossbows, knives, assorted ammunition, electronics, and more! The store is currently under renovation and will have so much more to offer soon! A lot of the traffic there is centered around the handguns/weapons side of the business. I want to answer a few questions and feel free to ask questions or stop by the store for more info.

What type of handguns do you offer?

Currently High Springs has a mix of new and preowned handguns, even a few antique ones dating back to the 1900s!

What is the process if I want to buy a handgun or rifle?

First off, you must have your state issued ID. If you do not hold a concealed weapons permit, there is a mandatory 5 day wait before you can pick up your gun. If you have your concealed weapons permit, no wait is required. You must be 21 years old too.

What if I want to pawn or get a loan on my gun?

You will need to still have your state issued ID with you. We will hold the gun in our safe keeping until you return to pay off your loan. There will also be a background check down at the time of pick up. The amount loaned on the gun is dependent on many factors so the best thing to do is to bring it by the shop for a free estimate.

Do you have any other weapons at this location?

Every time you come in, there will be something new to see! But as of right now, there are many handguns, rifles, crossbows, swords, and knives (including pocket knives that make excellent gifts for Father’s Day!)

High Springs is a wonderful little town to visit. Stop by our store and check out all the cool finds, eat an exquisite meal from the Great Outdoor Cafe and mark your calendars for next weekend…High Springs will host their 43rd annual Pioneer Days. It is fun for the whole family!