Pawn shops often have a negative reputation. But that is not the case with all pawn shops — selling your items to a local pawn store can be extremely beneficial. And with about 7.4% of all U.S. households having used pawn shops, selling items like used jewelry and electronics to pawn shops is becoming more popular. So why would you want to sell items to a pawn shop? Here are a few reasons to keep in mind.

Get an expert opinion: A reputable pawn shop is full of employees who have experience and knowledge needed to know what an item is really worth. This can be extremely beneficial when you’re selling expensive items. It can be difficult to know how much something is truly worth, so it’s important to trust an expert opinion. Rather than trying to figure it out yourself, take the item to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Receive an optimal payment: If you choose to take your item to a pawn shop, you’re sure to maximize your payment. When you sell something to a person who doesn’t have the experience to know how much an item is truly worth, you could end up getting a much lower payment than you should have. By taking your items to a pawn shop, you can ensure you receive the amount of money that your items are really worth.

Save time: Selling expensive items yourself can be a long and difficult process. From having the item appraised to finding a buyer to ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth, there are a lot of steps and obstacles to face. When you decide to sell your used jewelry, musical instruments, used tools, and other items to a pawn shop, it’s a pretty simple process. You go in, get an offer, and decide if you want to take it. Selling your items this way is a convenient, hassle-free experience.

Choosing to sell your items to a pawn shop can be a really smart move. You’ll be working with experts in the industry and you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the money you actually deserve.