For decades, my grandmother has been buying and selling at flea markets, bargain-hunting, garage-selling, and most recently, pawn-shopping.  She loves a good deal, she loves to see me get a good deal, even more she loves when I get her something and then tell her of the amazing deal I got! My mom is the same way, and even my mother in law shares this enthusiasm.


It could be a difference in generations. The older generations didn’t have instant gratification at their fingertips or Amazon prime. They didn’t have Instagram influencers tell them where the sales are happening, and they didn’t watch product reviews on YouTube. They got out there and did the hunting themselves.  And if you’ve ever had an amazing deal yourself, you can relate that it is a thrill ride!


I’m here to tell you that pawn shops are the place to find the deals nowadays. It’s not like an outlet mall where there are hundreds of deals on throw away products or overstocked items that didn’t make the cut. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The pawn shop is a place where you can find hidden gems every day!


At your local pawn shop, you will find an assortment of treasures from heirloom jewelry, classic watches, top of the line tools, electronics, sewing machines, furniture, musical instruments, gaming systems, boats, sporting equipment, tractors, china, silver flatware, and so many more special items that would fill this whole page. Every day is a day to make an amazing deal. Every day brings more items to the showroom floor. Every day is the perfect day to look, explore, trade, sell, buy, make a deal, find something extraordinary, and make your mom proud!


Instead of shopping from the internet and getting everything that everyone else is getting, go for a treasure hunt and head into your local pawn shop.  You’ll find something amazing, and you will have a story to tell. When mother’s day rolls around, give your gift and tell your story! Your mom will be thrilled that you took the time to find her a treasure and you will probably get the deal-making bug in the process! So, happy hunting!