Are you a U.S. federal government employee impacted by the U.S. federal government shutdown?

Oaks Pawn is here to help.

We understand that the current U.S. federal government shutdown is impacting many of our local families. To assist during this time of uncertainty, we are offering an interest-free one-time collateral loans, up to your available credit line for a maximum of $500 to existing or new Oaks Pawn customers who are U.S. federal government employees impacted by the shutdown.

How do I qualify for the assistance?

You’ll need to be a U.S. federal government employee with a valid Federal Government Identification Card to qualify for the assistance. You will need to bring an item that can be used as collateral. To find out what items we typically use for collateral please click here or call us at 352-335-1333.

How do I request this assistance?

Please visit any Oaks Pawn location with your item that you will use as collateral. Please click here to see the hours for each of our locations.

How does the assistance work?

When you visit any Oaks Pawn location, we will quickly inspect the item you are going to use for collateral and give you the maximum amount you are able to borrow for that item. Paperwork will be filled out using your valid identification card and your loan will be issue in
cash or check immediately.

The loan will accrue no interest for 60 days or 30 days after the Federal government opens (the longer of the two time periods will be applied).

What are the repayment terms?

This collateral loan will be interest-free with 0% Monthly Percentage Rate until the expiration date, or 30 days after the government reopens, whichever time period is longer. If the expiration date is reached and the principle of the loan has not been repaid, you will be eligible to renew the loan at a monthly rate of 10%.

How long is the assistance available?

Oaks Pawn, Inc.* is committed to funding a total of $100,000 in interest-free cash advances for this program. The program will end when (1) the government reopens or (2) the program funds have been fully utilized, whichever is sooner.

*Oaks Pawn, Inc. includes the following locations: Oaks Pawn South, Oaks Pawn High Springs, Oaks Pawn 20th Avenue, Oaks Pawn Brunswick Georgia, and Oaks Jewelry.